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Janja Zupančič, Head Teacher, Louis Adamic Grosuplje Primary School
Independent Thinking on Loss puts the reader in four different pairs of shoes and takes them in the same direction. Together, Ian Gilbert and his three children unveil their most intimate stories in the most heartfelt way to help us learn about living with loss and bereavement.

Throughout the book the authors emphasise that a grieving child's well-being should be the only focus no matter at which educational stage the loss cuts into their lives. Doing the right thing at the right time is both a huge responsibility and a real opportunity, and they encourage every staff member of the school to respond properly when faced with such sensitive situations.

In addition, and drawn from the Gilberts' personal experiences, the book provides a list of fifteen lessons that empower teachers and professionals working in schools to better support children, parents or friends who have suffered a bereavement. It also includes research findings to underline the link between a child's health, happiness and academic success and leaves no room for excuses.

This book will be the pebble reminding you to do what is right even if it isn't simple. It will help you support the bereaved on their -˜puddly' or -˜river' days. It will make you a better person.
Guest | 14/02/2020 00:00
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