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Katy Hodges, SENCO and English teacher
Forget School raises questions that need to be asked about education and schooling before we lose sight of the wonders of learning and the joys of the teaching profession. It reminds us of the privileged position all teachers are in when faced with youngsters desperate to learn and to grow. 

Our curriculum offer should teach children to think, form opinions, evaluate, criticise and explore and experiment. Teachers, parents and students ultimately want the same thing: to be happy, confident and successful. In this book Martin Illingworth shines a light on what that could and should be like. 

Martin offers a reminder to the profession that we need to be brave and bold, real and authentic and connected to the young people and the world they inhabit. As teachers we wear the badge of -˜expert', and Martin prompts us to reconsider what our perception of that role is and should be. 

Reading Forget School reminds me not only why I became a teacher but why I have continued to love the profession. And -˜education' is most definitely only the starting point.
Guest | 05/03/2020 00:00
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