Product reviews for Forget School

John Oswald, Head of Humanities, Allestree Woodlands School
This book is revelatory, inspiring and confirmatory. The voices of young adults reverberate throughout with revelations and sharp insights on their struggles to adapt to the complexities and challenges of a world beyond school that, after years of formal education, they left with a -˜currency' they couldn't cash and a lack of -˜real world' skills. 

Real inspiration in this book comes firstly from the voices of those young people that continue to thrive against the odds and, secondly, from the vision portrayed by Martin Illingworth of an alternative, vibrant, modern educational provision that embraces the modern world, rather that stubbornly ignores it.  

Forget School also confirms, with real lucidity, what many within the education world think, and what their instincts as professionals have told them for years -“ namely that the education system is not fit for purpose and is genuinely damaging to the development of our young people.
Guest | 05/03/2020 00:00
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