Product reviews for Powering Up Your School

Andy Buck, founder, Leadership Matters, UK
Guy Claxton and his co-authors have written a remarkable book. Drawing on decades of rich learning from approaches such as Building Learning Power, the authors have created a powerful framework within which to think about how create a school culture that promotes what they call “results plus”. 

This open, honest, and very personal book is not a one-size-fits-all blueprint of what leaders should do. Nor is it another set of generic leadership attributes or processes. Powering Up Your School is a book firmly rooted in the belief that a culture that enables every adult and child to develop powerful personal habits, can unleash huge potential in our next generation of leaders, teachers, and their students.

Using powerful practical examples that don't gloss over how hard change can be, the authors set out what an effective change process could look like: developing clarity about the “why”; building buy-in through wide discussion; and creating long-term change that leads to deep, sustainable benefits. But this book is far from being a prescriptive manual. As the authors suggest, think “garden” rather than “model aeroplane kit”. It's about creating the conditions within which children and adults can all thrive and grow.

Written by highly respected and successful school leaders, Powering Up Your School is a must-read for anyone who believes our role as educators is to enable each and every pupil to achieve more than just a great set of exam results.
Guest | 20/04/2020 01:00
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