Product reviews for Powering Up Your School

Darryl Buchanan, education leader in New South Wales, Australia
When it comes to growing as a professional, the light-bulb moments and the most telling advancements often occur when research collides with practice. Powering Up Your School illustrates the benefits of such a combination, and the fruits of Guy Claxton's lifelong work are there for all to see in the real-life experiences of a range of school leaders driving their schools onwards and upwards.

The stories which feature throughout the book are strong and are presented in a succinct and targeted way which is easily accessible. Furthermore, readers are given the opportunity to get to know the leaders and their stories over time and in context: the gradual reveal of their full stories is engaging.

Best of all, the book doesn't simply paint a rosy picture where the world is entirely wonderful; instead, the authors communicate the real work that is involved in changing school cultures, practices, and, ultimately, student learning. It is real work that has its challenges, but we see in Powering Up Your School that it is very possible, in different ways and in different contexts, and exceptionally rewarding.
Guest | 20/04/2020 01:00
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