David Slater BA, DHyp, MHA(RegHyp), MASC, DCS, MGSCT Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor
One of the most used books in my Hypnotherapy collection has always been Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy by Roger Allen. His book gave me practical help when I was new to the profession and still, many years down the line, continues to inspire me and give me a starting point for developing my own scripts.

I was delighted when, in 2009 came the book Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy with Children. This book was expertly written by Lynda Hudson .I remember well reviewing this book which was certainly an excellent addition to any practitioner`s book shelf. My words were `If there was a Booker Prize for Hypnotherapy texts this would be way up there on the top of my list!`. Most certainly it is a book which is proving, rightfully so, to be a best seller.

And Crown House have done it again ! I am delighted that we now have More Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy penned, once again, expertly and compassionately by Lynda Hudson. The book, as its name suggests, follows on in the footsteps of Roger Allen, but has its own personal stamp and form.

The book demonstrates fully the author`s deep understanding of the subject and also of the needs of both the therapist and the clients. It has been well researched and thoughtfully compiled and contains a wealth of invaluable advice, guidance and information for the therapist as s/he sets out upon the healing mission, however experienced they may be.

The style is clear and uncluttered and, where appropriate, explanation is given to make sure that the reader is able to gain full benefit from the material.

In this instance the actual appearance of the material is very different to that which we have seen before in the Scripts and Strategies programme. It is presented in almost table form with a main column containing the induction script with a further column by the side with pertinent explanations and `stage directions`.

I have come across this only once before in material from Hypknowsis.com and I find it so much better than the plain block of print we had before. I am not demeaning the materials of the past BUT this presentation is much more geared for practical work. It is thought provoking. This is material you will look at again and again as you build up your own personal resources. Like an excellent novel too it is one of those books you just can`t put down.

If you want a ready made script for a particular problem it is there and can be used as it is. However I feel that the work stimulates the practitioner to think and amend and make the material more suited to his or her own personal style of delivery

Having had a pre-production copy of this I have been able to use some of the material with my own patients. It was very well received and very easy to work with and build on.

Material this time has been composed to cover Anxiety, Panic, Phobias and Moderate depression. The section on sleep I have used and this was most effective.

Lynda takes the bull by the horns, to coin a phrase and talks about various sexual issues. Once again this is written with great care and compassion and can be used by the therapist with confidence in this area form which many people shy away.

The IBS section is especially worthy of note and I have found that this is well received by patients. In the past I have used the excellent material designed by Mike Mahoney in this area BUT now I am pleased to have a wider selection of material to develop my own work from.

There is work on Childbirth, Surgery and Pain, Enhancing performance in sport and business.It really is a cornucopia of sheer excellence

We may have thought we had got all we wanted before but, I assure you, here is a book that the whole of our profession has been waiting for. I feel it is a book that we cannot afford to be without as it is a book which inspires confidence, delivers the best of material and is written by someone who really understands us, the therapists ,what we need and how we tick, as well as having the deepest interests of the clients at heart.

It is the Grand National on Saturday. If books were running rather than horses then I would back this to be in first place. So, Booker Prize and Grand National-¦what will Lynda present us with next!
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