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My first thoughts were that `More Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy` assumes that you have some practical experience and knowledge of hypnosis. And as there are many schools of hypnosis emphasising different hypnotherapeutic strategies and scripts; I thought that this book would need to be explicit in both its source of scripting arrangement and hypnotherapy strategies. Well as I read Hudson`s work I noticed that she covers both, script and hypnotherapy strategy elements on each page. So I prepared myself to go a little deeper.

As I got myself ready to receive the treasures of Hudson`s book of `More Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy`, I got myself to a place where I could first just be comfortable, focused and concentrate. And because I wanted to enjoy what value that Hudson`s book of scripts and strategies in hypnotherapy had for me, I put myself in a place where I could point my own attention to where that place was inside my own person. I did that first. So I did that. I allowed my person to use my imagination to paint that sense of enjoying great value, all over my body. I allowed my imagination to allow the image of that paint to spread through my person and becoming stronger and stronger. And as I did that I noticed a shift in my own attitude. I was drawn inwards and got quieter. I then read. That was my first reminder of what Hudson`s work lights up. A willingness or a resistance to by pass any preconceived ideas I had had about using scripts in hypnotherapy. And as I noticed the manner in which I bypassed my own critical state, I smiled as I continued to let good feeling percolate outward from my person. So I did what all hypnotherapists who are practising choose to do. Be led, open up, and practise hypnosis yourself on yourself first. So I allowed myself to be led into a place of positive change, using Hudson`s scripts. I went first.

I noticed I could apply each of the various scripts to a number of situations I was dealing with in my varied practice. So I continued to read through, as well as flicked pages to the parts that got my attention. I got excited about myself and I continue to let it open doors in my mind.

Suspicious about the use of hypnotherapy scripts
So that`s how I used the scripts. Yet as my attention deepened, I began to ask, how might others who had a more sceptical, even disparaging about the use of scripts feel. I was honest enough to go to that place that exists within me for an answer. I heard the voice, `Beware of the tyranny of positive thinking which can be quite frankly annoying`. So i asked my person, honestly, what can her scripts offer from that place. Well, her scripts provide standard ways of activating triggers and building response potential for clients in a gentle, step by step way. In fact because she covers the main strategies that a hypnotherapist goes through, the scripts could be used for different situations. I could come back to these scripts anytime I wanted to or felt I needed to. I went deeper into that place and asked my person, for those who really have a strong dislike for hypnotic scripts, pre packaged patterns of the language that people think they should use to create an effect, this book provides a path of support. Possibly those who are concerned about a reliance on scripts because they sense, that by using that approach that they may end up hypnotising their script (rather than the person in front of them!) and (worse still) stifling their own creativity and hypnotic self expression, might find that it can start a process of independent thinking. Hudson`swork provides you with the attainable opportunity to trigger and spark your own personal development where you increase your use of your own words and your own ways of phrasing things, and adapt those to the subject with whom you are working, Hudson`sscripts makes it feasible for you to explore how to avoid, coming across as awkward. Perhaps widening your own rapport with yourself to interact with clients. When I re read Hudson`swork, I noticed she is very genuinely open, and about setting up permissions for users of the script to discard everything which she may have written and do it your way. And if that is your choice to discard her scripts after initial usage or if you continue to use them as they are, the true test is always to ask, `Do they work?`

Formulaic, prescribed standards that bring forward success.
Each page of script is vertically split in half. One half of the page is the prescribed script. The other half of the page is Hudson`s guidance regarding the professional hypnotherapeutic strategy in use. This ingenious presentation is a wonderful technique. Its keeps you very aware of the standard hypnotherapy strategies annotated alongside the actual script. If you need to become even clearer about the prearranged steps you are taking your clients through, then this book is ideal for you to work through to your conclusion.

Hudson applies the usual prescribed 4 stage hypnotic protocol in her scripts, i.e. establishing rapport; depotentiate the conscious mind, Protocol. 1. Absorb Attention, 2. Bypass Conscious Mind 3. Engage Unconscious Response, 4. Lead Unconscious/Utilise response to Outcome. Since Hudson uses this basic protocol for you to be aware of as a hypnotist. You can then pay attention to the signals people are giving you, you will see (and hear!) when they are passing from one stage into the next. So the scripts help the practitioner to pay more exquisite attention to the client.

Benefits of formulaic scripts.
For the novice, this book of scripts has been written to let you learn the structure of hypnosis, the way you use language and your interactions in order to communicate hypnotically and gain proficiency in the wide range of hypnotic approaches available today.

Hudson`s scripts can be viewed as sample language for your `hypnotic tool kit`; in fact, her script provides the complete change process from beginning to end. And they can be repeated over and over until change has occurred. Very Handy, especially if you need to nip and deal with an interruption. It`s very clear that Hudson is suggesting that the user does not need to treat that as gospel or the script as some magical incantation.

Perhaps it`s important to realise that if you get the words slightly wrong (or should you actually decide to use your own words!) the effect can still work for you. This book of scripts can then finally achieve its true purpose: to be a source of reference and guidance for the skills it has taught you. Again taking the client reliably from beginning to end.

Although the novice could dive straight into Hudson`s scripts and learn many superb things, you need to ask yourself what your purpose is in investigating this book. If you are enquiring, then go right ahead and do whatever comes naturally. If you want to learn how to hypnotise others, you can do that, although you would also want to consider fitting into place in some form of supplementary training. For those thinking of using hypnosis for therapeutic work or in a clinical setting, I passionately advocate you to seek expert training.

The core hypnotic hypnotherapy scripts strategies can help you to develop your own style the scripts are designed to build your repertoire of hypnotic use of language, strategies and attitude. I really enjoyed the section on Inductions and deepeners. I recommend that others use them systematically. I recommend that you follow an organised training approach so that you develop a core of techniques that you can apply without (conscious) thought.

You will find something for your particular style of hypnotherapy strategy engagement because Hudson`sscript uses the fundamental hypnotherapy strategies. She mixes some of the fundamentals hypnotic approaches. i.e. Both from the authoritarian and more permissive schools.

`More Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy`, is by no means the be-all and end-all of hypnosis. It is intended as a pragmatic guide to assist you in your own hypnotic development. I would therefore strongly urge you to read extensively in this results producing field. Hudson`s work is great because she helps you to address your own mistakes and to in fact widen your own rapport, giving you loads of ideas of telling stories to build rapport in different ways. So feasibly, understanding the hypnotherapy strategies, yes, but also develop your own pattern, and trust that your unconscious is learning to put stock phrases and ideas together for you - allowing your hypnotic talent to increase. Hudson`s scripts are, after all, an art as well as a science, so use your natural flair, passion and charisma to bring these scripts alive.

Hudson has prepared thoughtful guidelines, used for sparking and provoking people to open up and tune in, become fully absorbed and engaged with the success of their intention clearly as their experience. I am excited and so happy that this book is here.

Recommendation; High: this text should be a priority for novice hypnotherapist in particular.
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