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Lynda Hudson, author of Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy with Children has taken on the task of writing this volume in the Scripts & Strategies series and, although her style differs from that of Roger Allen, she deals with the subject clearly and concisely, writing her scripts in a format that allows comment to the therapist on the right hand side of each page as well as, on occasion, in the body of the script.

The author has deliberately left out the `already well covered scripts, such as those for stopping smoking, weight control etc. and concentrated instead on some conditions for which scripts might not be so readily available, such as Essential Tremor, Tics and Twitches, Dyslexia: cope with emotions and improve self-esteem and strategies for various conditions such as IBS, Pain Relief and Preparation for and Recovery from Childbirth. There is even a script dealing with Procrastination, which I might make use of for myself, given as I am to leaving things until the last minute on the grounds that I work better if the deadline is looming!

Lynda encourages those using her scripts to adapt them to suit each client and the therapist`s own style of working and gives hints and tips on how this might be achieved.

Altogether, this book looks set to become an essential part of every therapist`s library; covering, as it does, a wide range of conditions and as a complementary volume to the others in this series.
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