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Will Ord
`Spiritual development is, perhaps, one of the most important aspects of a child`s education, and yet in schools it is arguably one of the most poorly understood and applied. A Moon on Water is therefore an extremely welcome, practical, and engaging resource for teachers & parents who appreciate that there`s much more to life than the predominant preoccupations of good grades, pop culture, and pleasing oneself.

The book draws on wonderfully diverse sources to inspire children to explore `key ideas` through stories and activities which may be adapted to all ages and within many contexts. The four authors make their differing approaches to `spirituality` explicit, thereby encouraging adults to focus on the core spiritual concepts, experiences and issues rather than their cultural packaging. They invite us to wonder, question, experiment and reflect on profound themes (meaning, the self, expression, loss etc.) through story and action, preferring curiosity to rule rather than cold conclusions.

If you`ve struggled to find a practical and inspiring resource that welcomes all to adventure into the heart of life, you can now relax! A Moon on Water is a book that helps us to access the creative wisdom of the past so that we may explore the present in fresh & meaningful ways; `education` without that is nothing more than schooling.
Guest | 10/02/2011 00:00
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