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Paul Wrangles
Just when do you find the time to develop Spiritual Intelligence in your classroom? During Circle Time? In assemblies? PSHE lessons? Finding a slot to inspire young minds to think beyond their classroom walls is a tricky ask at the best of times - a restless Class 4T on a Friday afternoon are not always as receptive to `developing a sense of awe and wonder` as we`d like them to be.

However, if you can find the opportunities to use them, the questions in `A Moon on Water` are some of the most important you could ever pose as a teacher.

This book is one of the most thought-provoking classroom resources I`ve ever come across. It`s not a book about religion or matters of the spirit, it`s a resource to enhance classroom discussions and provoke thought about `big matters` because, quite frankly, the big matters matter. I don`t personally endorse all the philosophy found within, but the stories and activities in this book will certainly broaden your pupils` horizons, heighten their sense of wonder and deepen their understanding of this thing we call `life`.
Just reading `A Moon on Water` left me wanting to get it into the classroom and see what the pupils had to say about the issues within.

If you, like me, think there`s more to life than targets, objectives and grades you`ll enjoy letting `A Moon on Water` loose on your unsuspecting pupils. It will inspire, challenge and provoke more questions than it asks. Tribes and communities throughout the world have been passing on wisdom to their young for centuries, but it`s something we seem to have neglected. This book replaces something valuable that has been long-lost from `education` as we know it today.
Guest | 03/03/2011 00:00
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