John Morris, Director, JTM Educational Consultants
Dave Harris' Independent Thinking on Transition makes for essential reading. The book provides practical solutions to help school leaders address some of the key issues causing anxiety, frustration and problems relating to well-being and confidence among those pupils moving from primary to secondary school. In addition, Dave distinguishes between transition and induction - stressing that transition is a far more ambitious and detailed process than a two-day induction workshop.

Readers will especially gain from the strategies Dave shares on how to integrate learning experiences between phases into the schools' calendars. These activities include sharing curriculum plans on a termly basis, joint curriculum days, joint school trips, and regular use of each other's facilities, among many other ideas. Furthermore, the excellent appendices are also full of practical strategies to help school leaders put ideas into practice.

The book is full to the brim with thought-provoking and practical ideas to make transition a really worthwhile process by seeing to issues such as developing new friendships, improving learners' confidence and alleviating the concerns of their parents.

I would highly recommend that teachers, school leaders and policymakers read this book.
Guest | 08/06/2020 01:00
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