Product reviews for Powering Up Your School

John T. Morris, Director, MOTIV82ASPIRE
-‹Powering Up Your School provides an outstanding framework to enable school leaders to encourage, support, and - above all - enable their students to access the knowledge, practical skills, tenacity, and resilience that will help them to live fulfilling and happy lives. A key factor in the quality of the text is the credibility of the co-authors, who are committed exponents of the Learning Power Approach (LPA).

The wide range of experiences and ideas discussed enable the reader to gain insight into the successes and areas for development with regard to the practical applications of the LPA. The focus is on improving schools' current systems and how making small tweaks to existing practice can shift learning away from dependency on the teacher towards an ethos of greater learner independence and personal responsibility. In this respect, the LPA gives equal measure to character development and academic success.

A must-read for leaders and policymakers at all levels.
Guest | 01/07/2020 01:00
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