Product reviews for Beyond Wiping Noses

Sarah Barker, English teacher, Orchard School Bristol, writer and blogger
Beyond Wiping Noses carefully navigates the paths through the pastoral life of a school leader and weaves theory with practical suggestions for a wide scope of issues - including bullying, behaviour systems, the pastoral curriculum and character education, as well as many other relevant and contemporary pastoral issues. 

Stephen Lane explores the pertinence of educational research but acknowledges its limitations, especially when applied to truly human contexts. He is also insightful in his appreciation of contextual differences
and the challenges that these may present. Although the text is often grounded in the debates and discussions seen on edu-Twitter, this need not alienate those who do not tweet, for the issues raised in Beyond Wiping Noses are pertinent and the Twitter debate is often reflected in -˜real life' staffrooms nationally.

This book is detailed, thoughtful and very human; there's a sense of the person behind the writing, and an appreciation of the human behind the eyes of the reader.
Guest | 30/07/2020 01:00
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