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Ruth Ashbee, Assistant Head Teacher -“ Curriculum, The Telford Priory School
Beyond Wiping Noses is a much-needed and wonderfully refreshing, thought-provoking and uplifting read. Such a careful and intelligent explication of the theory, philosophy and policy that lie behind pastoral  practice is an essential resource for any school leader, and indeed all staff, involved in pastoral work.

Lane weaves together strands from key thinkers such as Dewey, Biesta and Foucault to present a model of pragmatic pastoral praxis - providing substance to an often ill-defined area, giving shape to what research-informed pastoral work might look like, and offering an inspirational and deeply human call to -˜extend beyond the utilitarian to develop a hopeful optimism'. In this unhiding of the pastoral curriculum, Lane challenges us to reflect on the nature of our assemblies, form time, everyday interactions with pupils, the curricular links between these elements, and the links with other subjects such as PSHE and SMSC.

The reflective, intentional and integrated approach manifested throughout Beyond Wiping Noses is an invaluable contribution to the education literature and will undoubtedly contribute to something of a revolution in the way pastoral work is thought about and enacted in our schools.
Guest | 30/07/2020 01:00
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