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Sharon Ginnis Sharon Ginnis, author of `Covering the Curriculum with Stories` and Independent Trainer
Can there ever have been be a more important time than this to teach about tolerance, empathy, social skills, community values and personal responsibility? This book is easy to read and offers teachers a very accessible set of ideas for helping pupils to develop self-awareness. 

The thought-provoking activities give teachers and pupils useful tools to explore some important social and emotional aspects of learning. Underpinning the activities are the messages that all people are unique and worthy and that self-confidence is borne out of respect for yourself and others.

Learning how to be reflective is an important part of the approach offered in this book and this, along with an emphasis on gaining control over emotions, resonates well with current ideas about learning dispositions. Recent changes to the primary curriculum suggest teachers will increasingly be encouraged to ensure their lessons promote independence, self-control and self-management and the ability to reflect on learning experiences effectively.

Above all, the big idea of this book just makes sense. We all know how important real self-confidence is to success. It helps us take risks and persevere, it helps us to be effective problem solvers, to make informed judgements and be self-motivated. Promoting real self-confidence is a good way to promote good life-long learning habits.
Guest | 11/02/2011 00:00
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