Product reviews for Positive Reinforcement

Kate Ginn, Life Long Learner and Author of `The Secret Learning Code`
The subtitle of this book states `Activities and Strategies for Creating Confident Learners` - which is a great goal and certainly a wonderful philosophy to have in an age when children just want to be pop idols, pop stars or a celebrity and our world is overfilled to flowing over with emotional immaturity and we`re all reaping the rewards of that mind-set. So to have a primary book about developing emotional intelligence and using some basic psychotherapy tools for exploring the deep question `who am I?` and learning to evaluate yourself clearly through self-analysis and through the reflection of others is a wonderful move forward in the development of mankind. I would say that three generations from now with a foundation like this will mean we will be `forced` to look at issues more deeply and our role in creating them. I am sure those primary educators who wish to be a real force for change in the world will get great value out of this book because it really assists emotional maturation of the student (and quite likely the educator too).
Guest | 11/02/2011 00:00
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