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Dmitri Shneider, Chief Financial Officer, PlayMagnus, and chess international master
Chess Improvement is a brilliant mix of research and practical advice on what it takes to improve at chess (along with great takeaways for other pursuits, too).-¯There's a great blend of theoretical works, such as from Carol Dweck, combined with practical insights from the top chess players and coaches. The focus is not on memorising strategies, but on setting up the proper environment and mindset for success.-¯There's also a nice summary at the end of each chapter with specific advice for parents and coaches. The case is made for a growth mindset, that effort matters, that process matters, that every challenge is a learning opportunity, and that how we structure rewards and even the words we use with ourselves (often inadvertently) and our students can really impact progress. It sounds simple in theory, but the book does a great job in giving specific examples of the top players and coaches who are exemplary in how they approach chess improvement, as well as unfortunate examples of the less experienced who tend to get stuck in their progress.

Coaches working with young students will benefit immensely from watching how they word their praise or feedback, or even how they structure their lessons in general. I also really enjoyed grandmaster Peter Wells' insights and anecdotes which described chess culture both from how the top players really think and approach tournament and training life as well as the culture at the junior tournaments that may be helpful for those who are ready to enter this magical world of chess. 

Chess Improvement is a must for all chess educators, as well as for aspiring players (and their parents) of all levels of ability. 
Guest | 11/09/2020 01:00
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