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Sandy Ruxton, Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Sociology, Durham University, and chess coach
Chess Improvement is a hugely informative and highly readable account of how you can improve your chess by adopting a growth mindset. It is so reassuring to know that traits like intelligence are not fixed, but can develop with time and effort. Barry and Peter weave together theory and practice so that both strands inform each other in a beautifully judged dialogue. They also helpfully draw out practical learning points for parents and coaches, relevant to children's progress both in chess and education more broadly.

For the average club player, there is much to enjoy. I identified, as many will, with Barry's early promise, and his buoyant struggles on returning to the board in later life. But I also loved Peter Wells' perceptive insights from the world of top players, and his tenacious attempts to move beyond his own self-criticism.

There's some great chess in there too. Take a look at the account on pages 34-36 of Peter's win in the 2017 Blackpool Open. I find it hard to imagine I could ever play a game like that, but, having read this book, I guess I'll keep trying!
Guest | 11/09/2020 01:00
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