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John Dunford
Phil Beadle is a worthy successor to the late, great Ted Wragg as a chronicler of all that is best and worst in education and teaching. His 1000-word Guardian articles provide a dose of medicine that is guaranteed to alleviate the symptoms of teachers who look around them and find only contradictions. The articles are both amusing and deeply serious.

Phil Beadle's well-written, extremely readable articles challenge both orthodoxies and cant. They show the effects of the solutions in search of problems to which the education profession is constantly afflicted and they cry out for evidence-based policy to underpin the work of schools. Phil Beadle always imbues the latest crazy top-down policy with timeless bottom-up good sense and wit.

It is not only government ministers that come in for criticism, but also taxi drivers, quangocrats, editorial writers, academic selection, homophobia, ICT and much more.

A book to be read, dipped into and returned to again and again. But, above all, a book to be read by all who have the interests of young people and their teachers at heart.
Guest | 27/06/2011 01:00
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