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Rachel Lofthouse for Learning & teaching Update May 2012
This collection of columns provides an engaging and thought-provoking read. There is something here for all teachers with an interest in what and why we teach and why we manage schools the way we currently do. Sometimes irreverent, sometimes ironic, sometimes farcical but never make-believe - these columns are rooted in recognisable practice, policy and process. Whether you are a teacher addicted to the instantaneous nature of tweets, or a teacher who slowly and steadily consumes the pages of the TES over your weekend, you will find something in this book to make you laugh, something else to make you cry and plenty to make you think. Having said all that, it would be easy to dismiss this book as a stocking filler, one to be glanced at rather than studied. While the humour is ever-present there is a strong sense of purpose and a genuine dose of professional wisdom. The columns are grouped into themes, including pedagogy, ICT, performance and politics and policy. For teachers who frequently feel engulfed by the demands of the job this book provides a critical and questioning voice. It would be difficult not to be provoked by it. It may cause you to challenge some of your routines, assumptions and beliefs. It may prompt you to question some of the policies adopted by your school. It may trigger debate in the staffroom, engagement with national consultation, or even a question to your MP. At the very least it will cause you to wonder what we are really teaching for, and how we might best achieve our aims.
Guest | 04/05/2012 01:00
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