Product reviews for Bi-Polar Girl

Andrew Leahy
This is a small, easily readable booklet written by someone with bipolar disorder. It is superficially light hearted but deals with serious issues pertaining to the author`s experience of illness. The use of cartoons enhances the text and makes for an easy read. The overall message is one of hope but there is no suggestion that the author had an easy time or even that she currently has no difficulties. She acknowledges the difficulties she had coming to terms with the illness and the struggle to accept and indeed find appropriate treatment.

The book is likely to appeal to both sufferers and family/carers. As a professional I found it offered useful insights into the feelings engendered by and the impact of a major mental illness on a person`s life.

I would recommend this book as a useful addition to a library to be read by patients, carers and professionals.
Guest | 11/02/2011 00:00
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