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Colin Northway
`Bi-Polar Girl` tackles the subject of manic depressive illness through the eyes of one who has had her own personal odyssey through its distressing effects and found the way to live a positive and enhanced life.

The book`s strength lies in its apparent simplicity and that makes it all the more profound and accessible to those who need help from the front line without delving into the sometimes morbid area classified and compartmentalised as `mental health problems`. Accompanied by charming graphics, `Bi-Polar Girl` bubbles with a feel-good factor, but is still packed with a no-nonsense understanding of its roots and the journey that can be taken back to happiness.

This is a ground-breaking approach for all who might feel they are lost in the darkness. It sheds light and brightness. And, ultimately, hope.
Guest | 11/02/2011 00:00
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