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Lisa M. Antunes -“ superintendent, Hillsborough, N.J

In Imperfect Leadership, Steve Munby provides a first-person account of his experiences as an adviser and inspector prior to moving to director of education in Knowsley, England, and then serving as the CEO of the National College for School Leadership.

Munby's account transcends geographical borders and reads as a self-reflection about his time as a leader. Superintendents will recognize the many similar political, social and societal issues that often present a conundrum. Readers may find themselves getting caught up attempting to compare the nuances of England's education system with the details of the U.S. educational system.

The author's experiences illustrate imperfect leadership and provide a lens through which to consider similar situations. One theme that consistently emerges and spirals throughout the book is the importance of establishing, building and nurturing relationships. Munby believes in the value of finding a mentor as one navigates the challenges of any new leadership position.

His reflections are authentic and provide readers with the answers to questions such as, "What went well?" "What did not go so well?"and "What could I have done differently?" He reminds readers that leadership requires risk-taking and moral purpose and that it is a privilege undertaken with the understanding that the positive impact can be far-reaching.

Guest | 27/10/2020 00:00
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