Janey Lee Grace is the author of Imperfectly Natural Woman and runs ‘ The Home of Natural Alternatives’ at www.janeyleegrace.com
In the busy-ness of being so caught up in the minutia of life I sometimes find myself so overwhelmed I just want someone to -˜offload' onto, its not ideal if this is my poor long suffering husband or even my best friend's because there can be stuff that's simply too private or more importantly something that seems huge to me yet I know if I tell someone close to me that's its affecting me they'll judge me and tell me I'm being ridiculous, Perhaps I am ! I also don't usually necessarily feel I need therapy, I don't feel in need of psycho-therapy, or even counselling. Clearly what I need is a coach, but specifically a Coach who really understands women just like me. Lynette Allen and Meg Reid have years of experience of coaching and understanding women and have some refreshing new suggestions on how to connect with us. As they point out in the book a woman wouldn't go into a Gents outfitters and expect to find great service and the perfect fitting garment so why go to a coach who isn't expert in coaching women ?

There is some great research and information in this book and some really fun and practical ideas also, I loved the diagram of the -˜Wheel of life' but alongside it a -˜Wheel of strife !' How brilliant that they present an amusing way of looking at what's stressing the average women -” perhaps your client.

If you're already a life coach, interested in becoming one, perhaps you're a manager who wants to connect with the women you work with, this book is for you. I'm none of the above but I still found it fascinating just to learn about the technical differences between men and women and it was quite comforting to know that some of my innermost thoughts are quite universal !
Guest | 23/01/2012 00:00
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