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I have the privilege to listen to and coach women all the time and found myself feeling grateful for this book because it offers -˜easy to reach for' precision questions for that welcomed confrontation of issues that a female coaches and coach present to each other. When they open up to skilfully unfolding their conflicts until they become a harmonious solution. How to Coach a Woman, A Practitioners Manual, provides for you if you want them, better ways of being, as you communicate with classic coaching questions. I am inspired by this book which is full of brilliant examples, tips, techniques, exercises and tools, ideal if you are a coach, manager or supervisor of women.

Women's brains are like bras, they need support so that the coaching can take hold. The coach also needs a -˜brace', as they too are giving time for the coaching to take shape. There is nothing natural about a coach without support. This book offers that brace.

Allen's and Reid's, -˜How to Coach a Woman, A Practitioners Manual -˜is for coaches, managers or supervisors of women who are open to coaching. It's a wonderful work companion, I mused to myself as I read it, considering how its tools and techniques attends to the -˜heart' of women's stressful issues. Its kernel keeps reminding the coach to keep enjoying the process of -˜loving on themselves', whilst they are supporting a woman. This principle keeps the weight off the mind!

This book is ideal blessing for those who do not talk to women and are now expected to. To those who wish to increase their receptivity to the feminine mind. It's for those who feel women are different, confusing, changeable and just do not understand, them, us. It's ideal if you find you work with distressed women. Distressed through parenting, domestic violence, money, rape, health, career, romance or other life circumstances.

It really supports you if you feel you miss the mark with coaching and supervising women. It mingles an enthusiasm for connecting with women where we really are. Not as superwomen. Just from our true identities. Speaking not from disrespecting the way that a woman may have misunderstood her identity, and her ups and downs, to safely mastering the respectful practise of coaching women.

This book is important.

This to me is a' rebirth yourself through skilful questions -˜ book which reflects back peaceful solutions into an external world where we stand back and observe acts of misogyny, rape, women attacking women and lack of self-love within some women. It's a great book for letting go of attachments to false identity of womanhood by encouraging an enquiry into who makes energies emerge from the feminine mind once it's activated in its own unique way. 
Allen and Reid's poetic, lyrical, romantic quality comes from giving time for whatever powers the woman, the coachee has. To allow it to take shape, by being allowed to freely express herself like a the dancer, artiste, creator that she is via their emphasis on very practical processes. Processes and steps which are so hands on, so every day, so business like, that the concrete tips, techniques, exercises and tools feel like you can do it. Consequently, it has a strong -˜loving on yourself' effect for the coach.

As a professional woman I enjoyed the fact that I can use it as a reference manual. I felt like I was brilliant because I could easily refer to the support of the disciplined, firmness of this manual. I coachee into fully taking responsibility for her own weight of change. could -˜let go of the weight of others' and just allow the softer creative work I was cultivating within the coachee to take root. 

Finally, as a celebrant woman, a coach who loves the -˜Womanly Arts', I find that Reid and Allen, rebalances the responsibility scales between coach and coachee. They help you to plan time to dote on yourself. Formally balancing the coach's focus on -˜loving on herself', to the point that she gets as much enjoyment from -˜loving just on herself', as she gets from sensitively directing the female 

It's my joy to recommend this text for all managers, coaches, supervisors. In particular managers, coaches and supervisors working in industries populated with women. E.g. Retail, hospitality, banking, health, catering, education and social services. Equally this book is ideal for those men and women who feel may feel unsupported around coaching women. This may be within mentoring roles within politics, the military etc.
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