Sue Houghton - B.A (Hons) MBACP (Accred) Counsellor, Coach and Clinical Supervisor
Whatever the origins of gender differences in our culture this book represents a useful tool to aid the coaching of everyone living within this paradigm. Coming as it does from a unique perspective this text displays sound principles of coaching for the individual, and acknowledges the reality that 'one size does not fit all'. It emphasises the importance, for women especially, of feeling heard within the relationship with their coach.

This book is written in a clear and accessible style. I believe it will appeal to anyone with an interest in coaching. Writing insightfully the authors talk of coaching women within their emotionality. Not dismissing it or apologising for it, but rather, tapping into it as the genuine creative seam it represents, and the deepest place where, in my experience, real change occurs -” and more importantly, lasts.

Incorporating many useful exercises (I particularly liked the 'film clip' exercise) this book is a 'stand alone' text of both breadth and depth, in service of the novice and the more experienced coach. I genuinely feel there is something here of value for everyone with an interest in coaching.

There are many applications with both skills and insight being gained from the coaching process, illustrated here in clear models to anchor the work, creative exercises to inspire both client and coach, all reinforced with case studies of real people who have genuinely benefited from the coaching experience.

I didn't need convincing of the efficacy of coaching; as a coach and a counsellor myself, I see with my own eyes the benefits these processes bring to people's lives. But this book made me more aware of the ripple effect coaching has, not only enhancing performance and improving general well-being, but impacting positively on our relationships with those close to us.

Thank you Meg and Lynette for a valuable coaching manual that will certainly remain by my side on the onward coaching journey!
Guest | 18/06/2012 01:00
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