Karen Williams, author of The Secrets of Successful Coaches
This book is ideal for coaches who want specific and easy to follow tools to excel at working with women. Many of us know or sense that men and women are very different, yet as a coach I wasn't trained to modify my approach with each gender. As well as providing ideas and guidance, I also believe that this book bridges the gap for coaches who want to specialise in working with women.

The delight about this book is that it builds on the basic models taught by some of the coaching schools, such as GROW, Values, etc, to give you specific ways in which these can be adapted to meet the needs of women. In addition, this book has the added bonus of coming with a supporting CD. What I found particularly helpful is that the text is interspersed with real life examples from coaches and coachees, which give strategies to how coaches can improve the way in which they can get the best from their female clients.

This book comes highly recommended; it is sensible, practical, and extremely informative. As a practicing coach with 6 years experience post-training, I still had a few aha moments!

Guest | 17/07/2012 01:00
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