Research Book News- August 2012
Allen and Reid, whose firm specializes in coaching, mentoring, and training corporate and entrepreneurial women in the UK, offer a handbook for professional life coaches, business and executive coaches, and managers (both male and female) wanting to work with women that shows them how to communicate using a coaching approach, as well as the primary differences between coaching a woman and a man. They explain how women think and how to use approaches, terminology, questions, and rapport building skills to work with them more successfully. They detail six principles about coaching a woman; barriers, myths, and ground rules; ten coaching niches; a model for goals; questions that promote communication; listening; dealing with negativity; communication skills; women's body language and image, self-esteem, life areas, values, beliefs, and stress and decisions; and whether to become a qualified coach. A CD-ROM of resources like forms, letters, tables, and tips is provided.
Guest | 13/08/2012 01:00
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