Product reviews for Making Every RE Lesson Count

Andy Lewis, Deputy Head Teacher, St Bonaventure's School, and author of 100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Outstanding RE Lessons
Making Every RE Lesson Count is perhaps the book that the RE community has been waiting for, perhaps without realising it. There are a few books which you tell trainee RE teachers that they must read; however, if they read nothing else but this, they would be far better equipped than I was for many years.

Hutton and Cox have expertly turned their current classroom expertise into a really useful and practical guide to improving teaching practice in the RE classroom - it's considered, well thought-out and clearly articulated. The Making Every Lesson Count principles are utilised and demonstrated with RE examples, giving immediate guidance to help improve even the most experienced of teachers' lessons. I found myself nodding along while reading it, realising that things are so well explained and justified that this could raise standards in RE in a way few other resources could.

I implore every single RE teacher to get a copy of this book. 
Guest | 22/12/2020 00:00
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