Product reviews for Making Every RE Lesson Count

Dr Kathryn Wright, Chief Executive, Culham St Gabriel's Trust
This book is written in a wonderful conversational style with questions for self-reflection as well as numerous practical suggestions. Readers will benefit from the wisdom and insights of Louise Hutton and Dawn Cox, who draw on a wealth of classroom experience rooted in research and evidence-informed practice. They outline the benefits of using disciplinary lenses such as those of theology, philosophy and the human/social sciences. They demonstrate this very effectively through approaches to content selection, types of questioning and giving feedback. They explain the merits of a hermeneutical approach as well as advocating for a fluid approach to curriculum design. Through their numerous and diverse pragmatic examples, such as using story, pictures, analogies and knowledge organisers, the authors demonstrate that every teacher of RE can make every lesson count.
Guest | 22/12/2020 00:00
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