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John Morris, Director, JTM Educational Consultant
In this insightful and engaging book, Peter Radford develops a broad-based agenda of strategies and systems to improve wellbeing at all levels in schools - drawing upon his personal experience of leaving teaching due to a breakdown. 

In an extensive analysis linked to his own reflections on why he unravelled, alongside his desire to return to teach, the author has made valuable references to the work of researchers and thinkers such as Steve Peters, Carol Dweck and Jim Collins in his search for strategies for coping with stress, managing mental health, and changing one's mindset. Readers who are struggling - or are supporting colleagues, friends or family members who are struggling - to survive within their working environment would gain considerable benefit from reading the section on recalibrating. There are many challenging aspects of wellbeing for teachers, which the author unravels from his own experiences - and which may well promote the personal skills of confidence, tenacity and awareness alongside strategies for intrinsic motivation, positive reflection and renewal of zest. 

Those readers taking on leadership roles will gain from the sections on the Game-Changing Index and the keys to effective leadership, based heavily on the work of Steve Peters. The book has many positives and is well structured. For example, the reflective questions at the end of each chapter enable the reader to pause to consider issues raised by the author in a compelling and insightful way. 

In the current climate, with the range of challenges that staff are facing in schools and colleges to address additional issues such as strategies for effective online teaching, irregular attendance, access to online lessons, and general wellbeing, Love Teaching, Keep Teaching is essential reading for staff at all levels.
Guest | 12/01/2021 00:00
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