Product reviews for Dancing About Architecture

Sally Lea
Overall, I found the content interesting and thought provoking without being revolutionary. My topic area of science does not always lend itself to these abstract pedagogies. However, within science there are many really drab and dull areas of more or less rote learning where the opportunities abound. I have my own ideas about what to do with the practical learning issues, but wonder if we would ever have the time to do them justice. Humanities and social science subjects could be revolutionised by this approach.

It is unfortunate that less able pupils often find it difficult to employ imaginative techniques due to the fear of being wrong, again. Some way of opening the mind up for these students would be great, as merely asking or encouraging is not enough, perhaps another book here?

I love that you encourage us all to use dramatic skills and encourage that in our students, get the passion in however and wherever you can - legally!

Thanks for providing the resource sheets at the back of the book for the lazy perfectionist.
Guest | 27/06/2011 01:00
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