Product reviews for Subliminal Therapy

James H. Stewart, MD, Mayo Clinic in Florida
The process of therapy presented by Dr. Yager is not to be confused with subliminal messages of old. It appears to result in a hypnotic state without a formal induction or use of typical hypnotic suggestions. Instead, the person is guided through a step-by-step process that is modifiable for use for many differing conditions. The process is -˜client-centered' with a strong reliance on the patient's own resources. Without the included case illustrations and results from evaluations, the technique might seem preposterous, particularly to those well-entrenched in a mental health practice based on better known principles and methods.

The book will challenge your beliefs about the basis of mental and physical behavior and dysfunctional conditions with findings and principles that are thought-provoking, if not convincing. This work of innovation and devotion will help you learn a technique, supported by evidence of rather remarkable benefit for several conditions. It would seem only a matter of time before treatment of many medical disorders is based on the principles and techniques proposed here, aiming more directly at the cause and with more use of the person's own resources.
Guest | 27/06/2011 01:00
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