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John Perry, MA, MA, MSc, FHEA, Principal Teaching Fellow in Healthcare Communication, The University of Southampton.
The dedication in Professor Yager's -ňúSubliminal Therapy' is telling: ' those clinicians ...who have the intellectual curiosity to seek improved ways to help people, the openness to consider that which is truly new and the willingness to test the effectiveness of the techniques they use.'

As indicated in the dedication, this is a book which ticks many boxes: being truly ground-breaking, yet highly practical; imaginative, yet rigorously researched; and accessible, yet intellectually satisfying.

Drawing on forty years' experience of employing hypnotic procedures in psychotherapy, Yager clearly demonstrates how the methods and protocols of subliminal therapy utilising hypnotic techniques without requiring a formal trance induction can be used to facilitate both psychological and physical healing.

Theoretical material is well-supported by extensive case material, which demonstrates Yager's pioneering work in the application of the psychology of mind-body healing.

In common with Griffin and Tyrrell's Human Givens, this is a book which expands its readers' understanding of the enormous potential of trance-work and re-framing for achieving therapeutic ends in their broadest sense.

I highly recommend it.
Guest | 27/06/2011 01:00
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