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Dr Greta Ross,MRCGP, Accredited member of BSCAH
As Edwin K. Yager says, “humanity is conditioned by life-experiences”. In 1974 Dr Yager, Clinical Professor in the Dept of Psychiatry at UCSD School of Medicine, conceived a theory of the mind and a treatment technique named Subliminal Therapy based on the premise that it is mental illness that causes chemical imbalances in the brain and not the other way round. Subliminal Therapy accesses and uses subconscious cognitive abilities to find the cause of a patient's problems. According to Yager, different -˜parts' of the subconscious mind are created through either positive or negative experiences, and these influence a person's self image, behaviour and physical state. An -˜extra-conscious' higher domain exists which is the self-aware and unifying faculty that Yager labels the Centrum.
The book details the step-by-step processes by which Subliminal Therapy is applied so as to induce a hypnotic state without formal induction in reconditioning past experiences. Yager offers a flowchart to aid the therapist in the process of communicating with subconscious -˜parts' and the Centrum in a logical, sequential way. In a global sense the technique is very similar to Bandler and Grinder's reframing technique, though Yager emphasises the unifying domain (Centrum) acts as the key active agent, rather than just the -˜parts' of the subconscious as such. The interesting element in Yager's approach is that he believes the Centrum to be a separate entity that communicates with the patient's consciousness, and considers it may have a personality tÂ'¬hat usually, but not always, conforms with the personality of the patient.
The book demonstrates the success of this non-formal hypnotic technique, and details case histories where apparently intractable disorders were successfully ameliorated or cured through Subliminal Therapy. The scripts and dialogue between the therapist and the patient are reproduced fully, with annotations about each session, and this can be helpful and instructive to all those who use indirect hypnotic or reframing techniques, and especially to those who want to explore the concept of Centrum and Subliminal Therapy more fully. In Appendix B, Yager provides concise explanatory patient information notes on typical issues arising in the course of treatment, which can be given to the patient. In summary, this is a practical -˜how to' guide for hypnotherapists and psychotherapists keen to hone their reframing and reconditioning skills through a different approach.
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