Product reviews for 15-Minute STEM Book 2

Ann Larkham, K'NEXT Generation
They say the secret of good comedy is timing. Well, if this secret applies to books too, then the publication of Emily Hunt's 15-Minute STEM Book 2 is not just good - it's perfect!  

It offers a delightful mixture of classic science experiments and novel investigations, each of which is presented in an engaging and accessible format that is enticing and fun and will appeal to both children and adults. The book is packed full of short, easy-to-follow STEM activities that can be carried out with equipment and materials found in the home or at school. 

The simple, easy-to-follow steps, combined with the -˜You will need' lists, provide a valuable learning experience and will be useful for teachers and for parents looking for ideas for home-schooling. The activities are suitable for younger children with the support of an adult, and the suggestions for further investigations mean that the activities can be scaled up for older children too. Furthermore, the colour photographs show how to carry out the activities, and the charming illustrations highlight and explain the concepts involved. Resources and templates are also included, which will simplify and reduce the preparation time required for each activity.  

The -˜What are we learning?' sections aid understanding of the activities by explaining what is happening and why, plus a real-world context is provided by linking the activities to a range of STEM careers. This section uses technical/scientific terms alongside everyday words, which builds familiarity with terms that children will meet later in their education. 

So, 40 easily resourced, hands-on, inspirational STEM activities, all beautifully presented in one book. What's not to love?
Guest | 29/01/2021 00:00
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