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Tony Robinson, OBE, author of The Happipreneur: Why #MicroBizMatters?
The Ladder is a must-have manual for all who wish to help students make confident career choices. It is useful, practical, concise and, above all, encouraging and inspiring. It will be loved by career teachers, indeed all teachers, but it is also a valuable -˜dip in and dip out' resource full of tools and ideas for every adult wanting to help children and young people to enjoy a successful future. I read The Ladder as an employer, a business owner, the chair of an enterprise agency and a patron of a youth enterprise support organisation -“ and I will be recommending this excellent handbook to all of my colleagues. 

I recommend Chapter 2 on the continuum for the acquisition of skills and knowledge (CASK) for every reader, but after that you choose the chapter of tools and ideas relevant to the student you are helping. The
book features a number of tools -“ like the 7 Skills Assessment Sheet (7SAS) and the STAR and GROW models -“ and they are all clearly and helpfully explained. Most of the tools, ideas and recommendations are new to me, even though I've been interested in employability skills and enterprise education for nearly 30 years. Chapter 10 on -˜careers questions' is my favourite and I'll be recommending it to all of my colleagues, ranging from primary school teachers to educators at colleges and universities, especially in the run-up to Global Entrepreneurship Week. 
Guest | 01/02/2021 00:00
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