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Alastair Stewart, OBE, journalist
My careers master told me I should -˜do' business studies at Portsmouth Polytechnic. I've no idea why, beyond my having told him I found economics fascinating. Years later, having read economics at the University of Bristol and made a bit of a mark as an ITV newscaster, I did the prize-giving at my old school. The head teacher greeted me with the words, -˜I always thought you'd end up doing something like that.' He didn't mean it nicely. But my history teacher, who I adored, said: -˜Ah, Stewart! And what are you doing these days?' As a proud parent of four, I now know it is all about finding ambition, nurturing belief and keeping open the widest range of options.

Enriched with references to an Aladdin's cave of qualifications, educational experiences and institutions, The Ladder encourages parents, teachers and trainers to think widely and laterally. It is the least we owe our children -“ and, for that, we owe Bernie a debt of gratitude.
Guest | 01/02/2021 00:00
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