Colin R. Pettigrew, Director for Children's Services, Nottinghamshire County Council, and founder and Chair of the County Council Network of Directors of Children's Services

For those of us who have had the privilege of and benefit from working with Mark Finnis and L30 Relational Systems exploring the principles and premise of restorative and relational practice - i.e. working with people rather than to or for them - then this is the most long-awaited book that we didn't know we were waiting for! To be honest it is also a book that I was unsure could be written - or at least certainly not with the personal magic, energy or engagement of Mark's 'live performance'. I therefore opened this book with some trepidation as to whether that personal presence could translate onto the written page. It can and it does. Like the best and most authentic writing, the author's voice and indeed lived experience is heard throughout. The author is clearly passionate about his subject matter and, more importantly, about the role that schools can play in nurturing and developing children they have the privilege of teaching and caring for, 190 days of the year. The book champions, unashamedly, the power and transformative effect of relationships. Mark, a lad from Bootle, Merseyside, and I, a lad from Linwood, Glasgow, share an absolute belief in the effect of restorative practice and the relationships it builds to transform the lives of children and young peoples and the unique privilege that schools have in their role to help achieve this. This approach champions the 'square pegs' and maintains that adults and 'round hole' environments can change.

In 'First Thoughts', Mark lists what this book is about: compassion, behaviour, change, children and young people, leadership, communities and collaboration. However, in my view he has missed something... This book is also about belief!

Guest | 23/02/2021 00:00
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