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John Toal

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The Perfect Ofsted Inspection offers school leaders a cogent and concise analysis of the challenges of the new Ofsted framework. In addition it offers school leaders comprehensive and competent solutions to ensure that the -˜outstanding' judgement is lived, breathed and witnessed in the daily life of the school.
As with her previous books, Jackie has once again developed her own outstanding practice of separating the kernels from the husks and allowing the school leader to plan, prepare and prioritise strategies for school improvement in order to reach the -˜promised land' of -˜outstanding'.
Her style remains witty and her anecdotes informative and such a personalised style adds to the enjoyment of a subject matter that can sometimes appear rather stale on the surface. She brings to life the importance of ensuring that schools are places where staff and students ought to progress daily. In this way, as a school leader, I found the book not only to be informative but also transformative.

John Toal, Director of Ethos, Learning and Teaching, St Ambrose College
Guest | 29/02/2012 00:00
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