Product reviews for After The Adults Change

Phil Naylor, Podcast Host, Naylor's Natter, deputy head teacher and local authority governor
After the Adults Change is a manifesto for change in schools, and is particularly relevant at a time when society has realised the huge importance and role of schools in delivering more than simply academic education. Paul is passionate, knowledgeable and pragmatic throughout - setting out clearly the road map for schools to reclaim pastoral support, which will chime sonorously with teachers and school leaders. He also addresses, in detail, the lethal mutations arising from misinterpretation of restorative practice.

Calm, consistent adults, first attention to best conduct, and relentless routines put our children in the best position to learn and provide the best conditions for teachers to teach. If you read this book and implement the ideas within, you can achieve behavioural nirvana in your school.
Guest | 26/02/2021 00:00
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