Product reviews for After The Adults Change

Colin Goffin, Director of Education, Big Picture Learning UK

Where to start ... The meeting with Nick Gibb? The torturous 'rules lesson' so readily and rightly condemned? The spotlight once again shone on the perverse notion that removing a child from the environment in which they are failing to succeed will somehow lead to further success?

All of the above struck chords as I read After the Adults Change, but to cling to them would be to fall into a -˜told you so' mindset that couldn't be further removed from the tone, message and intent of this truly wonderful piece of work.

Paul Dix's book is written with a kindness and sensitivity that mirrors exactly the tone that a classroom or school built on -˜ready, respectful and safe' would have. It is a positive, supportive and considered work that provides numerous reminders of why we do what we do along with strategies and suggestions, genuine examples of these in practice, and the characteristic, self-deprecating humour that made When the Adults Change, Everything Changes such an accessible and yet powerful read.

If you are someone working with young people, Paul's books will enable you to build powerful and meaningful relationships. In fact, anyone working withpeople full stop will find them invaluable. 

Guest | 26/02/2021 00:00
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