Product reviews for After The Adults Change

Chris Dyson, Head Teacher, Parklands Primary School

In Paul Dix's awe-inspiring second book he guides us on the pathway to achieving 'behavioural nirvana'. He recaps the changes the adults can make to create a relational environment in the school setting, and challenges us to dig deeper and make this intrinsic in the very soul of the school community. This process is no rush job, but rather a pathway - with Paul as the guide. The pathway may meander, but he shows us the benefits that will be reaped on the journey.

As well as the array of inspiring case studies, we are given precise support which can be used simply and effectively in schools. Paul shows us that the ripples from small changes go a long way to facilitate the shift needed long term.

On reading After the Adults Change we understand the need for staff to sing from the same song sheet, and luckily Paul Dix has written a beautiful song.

Guest | 26/02/2021 00:00
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