Product reviews for The Perfect (Ofsted) Inspection

Ian Loynd, Change Management Coordinator, St. Teilo’s CIW High School, Cardiff
`The Perfect Ofsted Inspection` is a powerful, practical and perceptive guide that will help to ensure that your school is indisputably outstanding. Compelling insights from the author and constructive case studies demonstrate how to know exactly the strengths and weaknesses of your school and what everyone can do to address them.

Jackie's witty and assertive style, commonsense strategies and to-the-point checklists give rise to an essential companion for professionals at all levels in education who aspire to -˜get it right' in inspection (by first getting it right for their students).

Mapped against the 2012 Ofsted Inspection Framework, Jackie walks the reader apace through embedding your vision, learning in lessons and the inspection process itself. Simple, but not simplistic, this book sets out what is really needed for a school to be genuinely outstanding. Not for the sake of inspection (which is a bonus) but to ensure better outcomes for all learners at all times.

If yours is a good school on the journey to becoming outstanding -” or an outstanding school on the journey to becoming world class -” then `The Perfect Ofsted Inspection` is the book for you.

Guest | 23/04/2012 01:00
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