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Anna Kyrk, Head of Middle School, School 21
Our organisation strives to genuinely provide students with a rounded education of the head, heart and hand. When I took up post as head of school, I knew that the heart element of that combination had to be the foundational bedrock from which everything else could be built upon. Paul Dix's first book, When the Adults Change, Everything Changes, became my go-to handbook for achieving this. Every staff member was gifted a copy upon arrival. Fast-forward to now, and After the Adults Change feels like it is timed just for us on our journey. It acts as a mirror: inspiring deep reflection as you read, as well as bursts of pride when you see your own context reflected in the words. It also serves as an update to maps app - pointing out tweaks, matured strategies and new next steps - and as a finishing kit: equipped with everything from polishing cloths to rough sandpaper for going back in and crafting the beautiful touches on the culture masterpiece you are working on in your own school.

After the Adults Change is a must-read for anyone working in schools.
Guest | 26/02/2021 00:00
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