Product reviews for The Perfect (Ofsted) Inspection

Nina Jackson, Associate with Independent Thinking and Director of Learning at Bishop Vaughan Swansea
Jackie Beere's -˜The Perfect Ofsted Inspection 2012 Framework' gets an -˜Outstanding' grade from me. Her wonderful style of writing along with professional and practical approach to helping and supporting schools -˜get it right', is indeed an enjoyable and thought provoking read.
She has brilliantly set out each section so that it can be used as it's own framework to get Communities of Learners and Leadership in Education to think strategically as well as creatively about assessing and reviewing -˜where they are' in preparation for an Inspection. However, I see this book as a Bible for effective Learning & Teaching, Management & Leadership as well as including Learners, Parents & Governors alike.
Each Chapter has some wonderul -˜Tips and Tools' for developing outstanding practice and let it be known that her -˜words of wisdom' can have an overwhelming impact on the Learning & Teaching in your own classrooms -” I have done it myself -” and proof is in the pudding.
This is NOT JUST a book for -˜The Perfect Ofsted Inspection' but a brilliant book that every educationalist should use and implement in order to ensure that our Learners get the best, creative and most thought provoking education we can deliver in the 21st Century.
Jackie Beere hits the high notes once again -” to you I say -˜Thank you'.
Guest | 04/05/2012 01:00
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