Product reviews for The Perfect (Ofsted) Inspection

Paul Topping, Headteacher, South Bromsgrove High School
I have found reading “The Perfect Inspection” is like eating Grandma's special recipe Christmas cake: despite having luxuriated in the taste for the last ten years, it still contains welcome surprises, is rich and fruity in flavour, and you can't help sneaking back to help yourself to another slice when nobody's watching.
In contrast to some of the wordy periodicals and school improvement tomes this book cuts to the chase in the critical areas of pre-inspection preparation and the two days of scrutiny and is punctuated by concise tips and checklists that are equally useful as bookmarked references and as a glue to bond the narrative tightly together. Jackie's candour and pragmatism are refreshing.
Whilst not being quite pocket size, the book is still compact enough to fit into bags, briefcases and binders, and is can therefore be discreetly available as an aide-memoire at almost any time!
Guest | 08/05/2012 01:00
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