Product reviews for The Perfect (Ofsted) Inspection

Corinne Thornton, Deputy Head, Arbourthorne Community Primary School

Having been recently inspected in January, it was interesting to compare our experience of the 2012 framework with that of the author.

I found the book very easy to access, making it perfect to dip into for specific questions, but it was also an excellent overall preparation for an upcoming inspection. The sections offering advice from different leaders was also helpful, creating a positive and purposeful approach to what many feel to be a process that is "done to them". Our experience certainly mirrors the tone of the book - we found the inspectors to be thorough but fair, and they were keen to get a true picture of our school. I think the author uses both humour and clarity to prepare leaders for this type of process - as educationalists, we should have no fear of a framework which actually focuses on what we all believe teaching is about. She also clearly considers the whole person in the process, and reminds us to prepare in a measured and planned way, considering our physical and mental health also!

Many books of this style can read in a very detached manner, and I felt that this book did the opposite - it was a good mix of fact, useful advice and educational theory.
I would certainly recommend it to other practitioners, and have already lent it to a colleague from another school.
Guest | 21/05/2012 01:00
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