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John Morris, Director, JTM Educational Consultant
ASBO Teacher is an engaging and absorbing insight into the realities of teaching in many secondary schools and colleges. In a humorous, eye-opening and at times shocking account of his experiences in the real world of secondary schools, Samuel Elliott shares a range of techniques to help you survive in challenging classrooms. 

Samuel relates his personal experiences as an ASBO teenager and his later transformation into a teacher with -˜insider knowledge' really well. His down-to-earth, direct style is not all about giving you nightmares of being landed with a group of challenging pupils, however. The book is full of tips, tricks and heuristics that he has gleaned from his personal experiences and woven into effective practice advocated by experts such as Bill Rogers, Phil Beadle and Tom Bennett. 

Furthermore, this is not just a book for new teachers or those in inner-city schools. Once lockdowns are over, teachers at all levels and in all settings are going to be faced with a -˜changed clientele' - and issues will include catch-up at all levels, including: behaviour management, disenchantment, relevance of learning, etc. This book is essential reading in this respect, as Samuel gives practical tips on consistency of strictness, how to use the behaviour management system, lesson structures, feedback, target grades, creating resources, and deindividuation. Take on board some of the really solid, practical advice Samuel offers and learn the skills of humour, determination, consistency and resilience to gain the skills and confidence in order to stay on board - as, if you're going to make a difference, and change the culture of -˜Failure? I couldn't give a f@ck' attitudes, you need to learn elements of the culture that is valued in the pupils' own -˜part of town'. 

ASBO Teacher should be essential reading for staff, at all levels, in secondary schools to help reduce exclusions and improve attendance - as well as in colleges to address the students labelled as NEET.
Guest | 04/03/2021 00:00
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