Product reviews for The Five-Minute Coach

Brian E. Wakeman. Educational Consultant & Writer
For those who are new to this coaching field the book is an excellent practical introduction and guide-book. Experienced coaches will not wish to jettison their current approach, but will appreciate and possibly employ some of the structured questions or techniques.

Thoughtful practitioners may wish to reflect about the appropriateness of the underlying principles and pre-suppositions before accepting the whole package or applying aspects of this coaching procedure.

I was left thinking about which particular situations it would be appropriate to employ aspects of this coaching approach in my own sphere of educational practice in mentoring trainee teachers in schools, in management, as a tutor and research supervisor in higher education, and in wider -˜helping roles' . The work deserves wide circulation among people in a range of walks of life.
Guest | 01/06/2012 01:00
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